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The Google Home Mini Wireless Voice Activated Speaker gives you the benefit of managing your day from morning to night with various kinds of scheduling, listing and querying all with this one handy device. It is endowed with the smart voice recognition technology with which it takes in the command and does your work accordingly. This acts as your small and compact helper and can be stored anywhere for managing the things outside the home as well. This speaker is equipped with WiFi as well as Bluetooth that connects to your gadget and provides you with audio and video services. It is endowed with a 40mm driver to render you the most audible response every time. This handy speaker helps you schedule meetings, make lists and stream music all with a mere voice command and no more efforts than that. The chalk finish of this speaker gives it a smart and sophisticated look.


Small and mighty



Speaker: 360 sound with 40-mm driver

Mics: Far-field voice recognition

Power: 5 V

1.8 A.

The Google Home Mini wireless speaker serves as the hub of home automation since it gets your most important tasks done with a mere voice command. This speaker is equipped with the far field voice recognition and thus, responds to your queries, readies the grocery list for you and plays you your favorite music as well as videos with the WiFi as well as Bluetooth connectivity without you lifting even a finger.

This Home speaker is small and compact in size for giving you the best services anytime and anywhere. It can be stored in a travel bag while you go on a vacation or with you to your workplace to manage your business activities all day long.

This Mini Home speaker consists of a 40mm driver to provide you with the immaculate sound quality and thus, it responds to your queries in the most audible voice. You can ask it about the traffic on your way, the dry cleaner services nearby and even the recipes to your favorite dishes. It responds to it all promptly and provides you with the information on the go.


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