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Self-adhesive. Easy to remove with no glue left. It can be reused many times without losing stickiness. Glossy black in color and perforated to allow light to pass through easily. It effectively protects the car from becoming very hot in strong sunlight. The high temperature in the car will reduce the durability of the components of the car not to mention the health of the occupants. Also for glass homes, offices, boats, etc. How to use: 1. Wipe the glass windows clean, spray some disinfectant on the water, put a little detergent in the water, make it more lubricated and easy to install. 2. Place the sun umbrella sticker away. If the size is larger than your car's windshield, hide and cut it properly. Width 42 and height 39 for the car windows only, not for the rear window. Protect yourself as you are traveling in the car from the scorching heat of the sun and ultraviolet rays with the car fascia sticker

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