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  • The tire, wheel, or motorcycle will be inflated, and you will also be able to blow balloons, balls and the seashore on it

     The tire, the wheel, or the motorcycle will be blown up - you will also be able to blow the balloons, balls, and the sea collar with it - It is distinguished by its powerful blowing power, able to use any need such as wheels and tires of any kind - it works on the car lighter and does not need no battery, charging or electricity, meaning all A need that will remain easily and you will not need anyone's help - it will make you ready in seconds even if the wheel is completely sleepy, meaning that you will not be late to your appointments and it will all stay in the fast - it will not take a large place in the Arabic, because its size is fluid, I mean even if your car is small you are not worried You will be able to set it there for times of crisis and without feeling its presence at all - Equipped with a sensitive gauge, you will be able to monitor and control the air pressure in the rubber from it - it stops automatically when it reaches the standard air pressure in order to preserve the rubber - Beige with it a complete kit so that you can blow all the tires in it, not only Arabic - Its use is easy and without any complication and you can use it at a time without any effort or anxiety - the cord is long enough to be able to control it easily - The latest type of compressor is available, which is distinguished by having a digital screen


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