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Who We Are

We are your friends and sisters on the same street. We are the same dream, the same moderate lifestyle, the same joys, sorrows and problems. The same thoughts when we sit together and say we want to do our own business. We want our country to be the most beautiful and best country in the world thanks to the correct learning of the best methods and mastering their implementation. We decided to change our future and the future of our children through a company of 8 Egyptian employees. We hope that we will be 80 thousand employees from sons of Egypt. Hopefully we will be the largest company in the world In the field of e-commerce. Together we achieve the impossible. A site for Egyptians in e-commerce

At a glance

Click w pick is a shopping platform working on builds a new future for online shopping. the spirit of click w pick can be synthesized its desire to earn and keep its customers’ trust through the impact of the high services system. Hence the brand idea: feel the innovation in online shopping. choose the brand name «Click w pick», to give core values of the platform which bring the good click to shopping by (simply delivery procedures, smart shopping, and happiness that give back to the customer by every click.

Vision and mission

Here at We strive to be the largest Egyptian website for e-commerce in the Arab world. Offering our customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and the utmost convenience. to reflect our main aim "bring the good click to shopping".

The Message

We strive to be distinguished by providing an easy and comfortable shopping experience while providing the most suitable prices for the best available choice

Strategic Goals

Developing the e-shopping process by integrating the advantages of traditional shopping through support and communication with the goals of e-shopping The best product with multiple options at the lowest price in the fastest time for customer convenience

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Enjoy 30 day to return if you didn't like it the product. check terms and conditions

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