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LE 45.00

TYPE(S) OF PRODUCT: SoapNEED(S): Reduces skin melanin pigment formation and has cleansing and exfoliating effects that enhances skin cells’ renewal process and removal of dead cells. With its unique blend of effective skin whitening ingredients, cleansing, and...

LE 110.00

TYPE(S) OF PRODUCT: CreamNEED(S): Fades dark spots within 4-6 weeks. It also manages all hyperpigmentation cases including sensitive areas. Skin whitening and clarifying cream through 5 integrated and synergistic systems. SKIN TYPE:HAIR TYPE: N/AWHEN: Twice a day.

LE 99.00

TYPE(S) OF PRODUCT: CleanserNEED(S): Inhibits the activity of Tyrosinase Enzyme, nourishes the skin, decreases age spots. Contains Vitamin C in its stable form (also known as STAB C). Lit up Cleanser utilizes Micro Fine Particles technology meaning...

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