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  • LE 337.00

    Quick and easy cleaning - as a rotating brush recycles dirt with minimal effort and without harsh chemicals. Perfect for people with joint, knee and back pain - clean without bending over or kneeling. Perfect...

    LE 210.00

    The knife sharpener is electrically or manually operated. Lightweight in body, easy to operate, it can sharpen shears and knives

    LE 400.00LE 750.00

    The air conditioner is easy to carry and move. It works via a USB cable connected to it with 3 speeds. You can add water to it and know the water level through the scale...

    LE 550.00LE 700.00

    The smart robot vacuum cleaner is easy to use, store and clean. There is a container in which dirt is kept. It works by charging. It comes with a cable to charge it. A piece...

    LE 381.00LE 600.00

    DSP Garment Steamer A specialized household electric iron suitable for all kinds of clothes, wool and silk, Power 1500W, voltage 220V, dimension 25 * 12 cm, Origin China  

    LE 157.00

    power strip of 6 eyes with a 2-meter wire from Schwab

    LE 329.00

    brand Zero Power 220-240 V 50/60 Hz 430 W Cable length 2 meters Country of Origin China

    LE 140.00

    Zero joint triple component of 4 eyes and two USB 2.1 A  

    LE 160.00

     The pump can be installed on any type of water bottle. A very powerful motor ... it is charged with a USB cable attached. It comes with a battery that charges and you will prefer...

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