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We offer you a set of magic egg boiling, the ingenious invention that relieves you of boiling and peeling eggs and wasting time and effort as well .. This is because it is a set of 6 pieces of high-quality silicone in the form of a hollowed egg, and all you have to do is break the egg inside it and boil it as it is in boiling water. After you finish, the crust will open and the boiled egg will come down to you, crusted and ready to eat, without wasting time peeling and preparing, and you know the rest of course, the most important feature of this collection is the masterpiece is its distinctive material .. Because the whole group is made of high-quality thermal silicone that is completely safe for food and food. Food Grade .. This permanently does not react with high temperatures and boiling water, and bears a temperature above boiling point.

It means you are not worried about your health and the health of your children, nor about your expensive kitchen tools that you will use while you are boiling eggs using the magic boiled set from here. Cracking, peeling, or heartache, and the boiled group will act as eggshell and will boil eggs in it without any effort from you and in the same way as normal eggs boiled .. Enjoy the best boiled eggs for you and your children every day without wasting time or effort with the magic egg boiling group

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